Victor Sarda

20 yo - Developer

My skills

Java & C#

Currently in Dublin, I'm working at Bamboo as a Software Engineer doing web, mobile and server-side development. I'm mainly using Swift, NodeJS and Firebase

Professionnal career

  1. Internship in computer graphics

    May 2011

    I have done this intership during my first secondary school year. It was my first internship in IT domain. I realized that what I loved to do websites and I wanted to go forward in IT and web development. I made my first HTML/CSS web site during this internship.

    After a couple of weeks It was obivous to me that I should do web development.

  2. BTEC National Diploma

    July 2013

    I got my BTEC National Diploma because it was related to IT domain. I really started doing IT and development thanks to this diploma.

    During the last year I made a project all year long. I chose to do an internet connected plug (IoT). It was a really ambitious project but successfully made.

    So I got this diploma in July 2013.

  3. Vocational Training Certificate

    September 2013 - June 2015

    In september 2013 I started studing web development during my Vocational Training Certificate in IT.

    We first started to learn how to make a web server in order to understand how it works.

    Then I chose to continue in web developement rather than server side. We fist learned to do Object-oriented programming with C# and then OOP with PHP and the Symfony2 framework.

    I got my Vocational Training Certificate in July 2015

  4. Web agency internship

    May - June 2014

    During my first year of Vocational Training Certificate I had to do an internship.

    I have done it in a web agency called Nematis. I made a lot of web integration and newsletters with HTML/CSS and JS. I also did some websites with Wordpress CMS. This internship was rewarding, I really learned how to manage project thanks to Scrum method especially.

  5. Internship in NCSR

    January - February 2015

    During my second year of Vocational Training Certificate, I had to do a second internship.

    This time I did it in NCSR (french National Center for Scientific Research). This internship was definitely the most intersting. I had to realize three projects.

    I used several technologies like the Python language (server side), the Symfony2 framework and an Arduino card with linked to a thermocouple.

  6. Bachelor Degree

    September 2015 - September 2016

    After my Vocational Training Certificate diploma, I got my Bachelor Degree (three-year university degree in France) in mobile app development with honors and as valedictorian.

    This training is very rewarding and independent work is very important.

  7. Internship at Cinquième Dimension

    May 2016 - September 2016

    During my Bachelor degree in mobile app development, I had to do a four month internship. I did it at Cinquieme Dimension (a French web agency) as a web developer.

    I realized that I prefer web development even if mobile development is great too.

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